Externships & Employment

Employment Information:

When we are looking to hire a new associate veterinarian we advertise on the AABP website. Please go to www.aabp.org/jobs/default.asp to check for employment opportunities with us.

Externship Information:

Dear Student, Thank you for your interest in our externship program at Mill Creek Veterinary Services.  The intention of this page is to provide you with some basic information about your stay with us.  2 weeks is the standard length of an externship, and we operate the entire year around.  We typically accept one student at a time, and we have students who travel from Australia and Europe to be a part of our program, therefore it is crucial to schedule your dates as far in an advance as possible.  Please see the Google Calendar above for availability (days that show a ‘busy’ event are already booked, days that show two ‘busy’ events are double booked).

Once you have found your free dates please email us at millcreekvetservices@gmail.com, attention Dr. Daniel Davidson.  Please include a CV/Resume that details your experience with food animal medicine and your goals for food animal practice.  Once you are on our schedule, Dr. Daniel will email you to confirm and provide further details.

What to expect: Palpation! You will be scheduled for an early morning herd check each day.  Normally, the afternoons are left open for students so they can participate in emergencies, sick cows, surgery, lab work, etc.  Vets may also assign educational projects to enhance your learning.  In short, you will experience everything that a large herd dairy practitioner experiences on a daily basis.

What we expect: We expect you to have an interest in bovine veterinary medicine.  If your dream is to be a ratite surgeon, please don’t use us to get your food animal credits.  All in all, we only expect a willingness to learn and professional attitude.  We also hope you have lots of fun!

Climate: Summer time is HOT! The average temperature is 100°F.  It is a good idea to bring light clothes (shorts, etc.) to wear under your coveralls.  Winter is typically mild with average temperatures in the mid 50’s.  Some rain is always possible in the winter so bring some light rain gear.

What to bring: Boots and at least two pairs of coveralls.  If you need extra coveralls you are welcome to use ours.  You may also wish to bring your own stethoscope.

Travel: We strongly suggest that you fly into Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT).  There are very limited flights into the Visalia airports and the Bakersfield airport is a good hour away.  You will need to provide your own travel to our office from the airport.  Students typically use the shuttle service “Classic Status” (559-733-9245) or get a rental car.  The price of a rental car for 2 weeks is comparable to prices for 2 round trips on the shuttle.  The shuttle service requires a few days advance notice.  Unfortunately, because of our busy schedules, we cannot pick anyone up from the airport, bus station, or Am-Trak station, so make sure you have a way to get to our office.  Once you have made arrangements, contact me to let me know the time of your arrival so I can provide instructions to get into the office.

Accommodations: We offer you a simple bed with towels and linens provided.  We have two bathrooms (one with a shower) and a small kitchen area, internet and laundry facilities.  There is a spare truck which you can use for local errands.  If you plan on traveling to the mountains or beach, you will need to get a rental car.  You will have to provide your own meals.  Occasionally there are local VMA meetings that you are welcome to attend and get a nice meal.  For liability reasons, alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises.  We request smoking be limited to outside of the office area. We hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions. Dr. Daniel Davidson Mill Creek Veterinary Services millcreekvetservices@gmail.com.